Skilled Attorneys Protecting The Rights Of The Injured

Protecting Consumers From Unsafe Products

Every day, people are injured by consumer products. We bring these items into our homes to make life easier and more enjoyable. From cars to toys, our families and our children rely on countless products to function safely. The companies that design, produce and sell products have an obligation to make safe, reliable goods, provide adequate warnings and advertise honestly. When manufacturers and others in the stream of commerce are more interested in profits than people, serious injuries result. We are committed to helping victims of defective products feel whole again. Although money can never fully restore your life the way it was before the accident, financial compensation can ease the burden brought about by physical pain, lost wages and health care costs.

Knowledgeable Product Liability Lawyers

The Connecticut Product Liability Act makes defendants “engaged in the business of selling the product” strictly liable for any injuries that result due to the product’s defectiveness. To establish a product liability claim, the injured person must show:

  • That a defect in the product existed and caused the injury
  • That the defect existed as it left the seller’s control
  • That the seller had no expectation that the product would be significantly altered after it left the seller’s control
  • That the product was not altered

Satisfying these elements – and proving them to the court – can require the help of investigators and industry experts. At Appleton & Appleton, LLC, we draw upon a broad network of professional resources to build your case.

Defending The Rights Of The Injured

The skilled trial lawyers at Appleton & Appleton, LLC have been serving the Hartford community for over seven decades. We consider it an honor to help our friends and neighbors in the community obtain the justice they deserve. To speak to a knowledgeable product liability attorney, call us today at 860-246-5481.