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Working For Victims Of Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend.” Many dog owners consider their pets beloved members of their family. Although they are generally faithful, well-behaved companions, dogs are still animals with natural instincts. If you have been seriously hurt by a dog, you know that any animal, no matter how well-trained, is capable of inflicting grave injuries.

Connecticut law holds dog owners and keepers accountable for injuries caused by their animals. Colloquially known as the “dog bite statute,” the state law governing all manner of dog attacks is found in Section 22-357 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Under the dog bite statute, owners and keepers of dogs are responsible for the injuries and damages they cause as long as the victim was not trespassing or teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog when the injury occurred. Although the law is referred to as the “dog bite statute”, the owner or keeper of a dog may be responsible for other injuries caused by the animal. At Appleton & Appleton, LLC, we handle all cases related to our state’s dog bite statute. Like the statute itself, our practice is not limited to just dog bites. We have recovered damages where friends and visiting relatives of dog owners have been knocked down and injured by dogs in and around the house. We have also successfully pursued a claim where a dog ran onto the highway, causing a car to go out of control and injure our client.

Compensation For Dog Bite Injuries

The physical and emotional impact of a dog attack can be devastating. Many victims must struggle with significant medical bills, therapy costs, plastic surgery expenses and psychological counseling. Many people are hurt by a friend’s or relative’s dog and worry about damaging relationships if they pursue a claim. Fortunately, many homeowners and business insurance policies provide medical payment coverage and insurance benefits to compensate victims for injuries and damages from dog attacks. If you have been hurt by a dog, you have a right to seek compensation. Bringing a claim does not mean you dislike dogs or wish any ill will upon the animal or its owner. Our clients simply want a fair resolution. We help them get it.

Helping Victims Of Dog Attacks

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